The Attic Dweller [EP]

by Tanager

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"...a surprising and shimmering set of vocal-driven songs with thoughtful production craft and clever pop arrangements."
—Absolute Beginners

"Dreamy/strident, fuzz-fired minimalist pop..."
—Ann Arbor Current


released April 5, 2011

Eleanor L. Schmitt: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, sequencing

recorded by E. Schmitt
mixed by Rishi Daftuar (
mastered by R. Daftuar and Alex Hug



all rights reserved


Tanager Ypsilanti, Michigan

Elly Daftuar,
Rishi Daftuar,
Mary Fraser,

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Track Name: The Attic Dweller
You are always drowning me
Closing in till I can't breathe
I'm not made for this routine
I'll tear through you to get free

(What a way to go...)
Track Name: Don't Forget: You're Here Forever
Uh oh, this town's too small to fit us all!
All my life, I've wanted to fit comfortably

I can feel them judging me
Just 'cause these past twenty years
I've lived in the same city

But no one expects you to stay forever

Seems like "goodbye" is all you say
Friends and well-wishers, they rush at you in waves
You long to keep them, but if you could choose
Would you let them follow you?
Track Name: Relentless
You stop rivers and streams
Bury them mercilessly
Wheat fields sink into sleep
The quiet still is consuming
So serene, the lovely
Coated fields surround me

I was damn cold all the time
The blistering winds, they made me cry
And then the tears froze in my eyes
I don't mind leaving that behind

I've seen your face in my dreams
But that won't replace you

If I run to spite you, what good will that do?
You won't think a rug has been pulled from beneath you

Can never get you out of my head
Ruin you, flee the scene
It just starts again at the end
Track Name: Your Last Shot At Redemption
You might escape from the sea
To bathe in something new
When you leave the shoreline
The waves don't follow you